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Bye-bye Maverick

I used Kubuntu Maverick before it’s first alpha released, I upgraded my system from Jaunty. But between the beta and the RC something went wrong… The load went high often, the GUI freezed out, and I had to return to Lucid. I hoped that the problems will cease, but they didn’t. When Maverick released I upgraded again, but the problems still exist. I would like to use KDE 4.5, but in Kubuntu, I simply can’t, however I am a Kubuntu user since 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. I have now two choice: returning back to Lucid, or switch to an other KDE distro.


Today my account was created. I am working on the Hungarian translation of KDE 4.5, the extragear-base is almost fully translated. My goal is to translate fully the KDE 4.5 applications, but I know it is impossible:) Probably KDE 4.6 will be fully Hungarian.

Long live Kubuntu!

Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx released yesterday, however I have upgraded my system on wednesday to help testing the Kubuntu amd64 proccess. The upgrade went fine, there wasn’t any critical bug, I should only delete a few hidden directory, like .font and .kde, to avoid some annoying issue. Kopete had also problems, I’ve reported it on Launchpad. It’s an upstream bug of Kopete, but there is a workaround, remove and then install Kopete. The good thing is that my system boots very fast, I can’t even see the new Plymouth theme. My browser is Rekonq now, its speed is amazing.

This system was upgraded from Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, which was upgraded from Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. I hope there will be much more successful upgrade in the future. Live long, Kubuntu!

Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala has a nice notification system called Ayatana. The notification system of KDE is ugly in my opinion, so I like Ayatana very. It is very beautiful, and it is more beautiful if the desktop effects are enabled. Ayatana is a Canonical-community joint effort to discuss and promote improvements to the Ubuntu user interface. See this link for more information.

However Ayatana is not part of Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, because it was a patch for KDE. If you liked Ayatana, and use Lucid Lynx, then take a look at the Colibri. It can be installed from the repositories, and has the same functionality like Ayatana. Currently only the position of the notifications can be changed, and not all notifications will use Colibri, for example the file transfers. Before you start using Colibri, some preparations must be made: uncheck the “Application notifications” in the System Trey Settings dialog box. After then check that the


contains the Exec=/usr/bin/colibri line. At last you have to configure KDE to start Colibri at login time via System Settings → Advanced → Autostart module, just add /usr/bin/colibri and you are ready. Here is a picture about Colibri (click on it for bigger size):

Because Gnome is the default desktop environment of Ubuntu, the most people use it. What can we do again that? No, I don’t think that everyone should use KDE and Kubuntu; I think we have to promote them more. at this time there is a poll at the site of the hungarian LoCo: as you can see, about 13 times more people use Ubuntu than Kubuntu. Because of that mostly they talk about Ubuntu, they write about Ubuntu, etc. How can we solve that? First, we have to help everybody who ask us for help to use Kubuntu. This seems to be easy, but unfortunately sometimes we can’t solve the problems. However, we have to write as often as we can about Kubuntu, KDE, everything related to them. Some example (sorry, all of these all hungarian:

And this is only the Hungarian LoCo site. Sometimes I write articles at also, but my priority is the LoCo site. I think I wrote everything, see you later!

KDE 4.3.4 „Cold”

Yesterday I enabled the karmic-backports repository to install KDE SC 4.3.4. The upgrade went fine except the kde-l10n-hu package: it conflicted with the kde-i18n-hu package (it’s a known problem, there are some bugreport on Launchpad), this affects all kde-i18n-* package. So if you want to upgrade your KDE to 4.3.4 from karmic-backports, first remove the kde-i18n-* package. There’s another issue when I watch videos with VLC: in fullscreen mode the XVideo output doesn’t hide the panel. At this moment I can’t find a workaround for it, however I’m not a Kubuntu developer, I would be happy to fix the kde-i18n-* bugs. So let’s go to #kubuntu-devel!

Hello World!

My name is Kristof Kiszel, I use ulysses__ (on Freenode) or Ulysses (on forums and Launchpad) as nickname. I use Ubuntu since 7.10, but I switched to Kubuntu after several month, that was also Gutsy. After Jaunty released, I started to contribute to Ubuntu and Kubuntu. First time I wrote community documentations for the Hungarian Documentation team, when the translation of Karmic opened, I started to work on it. I’ve translated a big part of the Kubuntu system documentations, reported some bugs, and reviewed it on the Ubuntu GlobalJam. On 16th December 2009 I became a Kubuntu member. Now my goal is to make Kubuntu 10.04 better.