Because Gnome is the default desktop environment of Ubuntu, the most people use it. What can we do again that? No, I don’t think that everyone should use KDE and Kubuntu; I think we have to promote them more. at this time there is a poll at the site of the hungarian LoCo: as you can see, about 13 times more people use Ubuntu than Kubuntu. Because of that mostly they talk about Ubuntu, they write about Ubuntu, etc. How can we solve that? First, we have to help everybody who ask us for help to use Kubuntu. This seems to be easy, but unfortunately sometimes we can’t solve the problems. However, we have to write as often as we can about Kubuntu, KDE, everything related to them. Some example (sorry, all of these all hungarian:

And this is only the Hungarian LoCo site. Sometimes I write articles at also, but my priority is the LoCo site. I think I wrote everything, see you later!